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Bowling Rules

Alcohol Policy

Any guests or members that plan to consume alcohol provided by the bar do so at their own risk and must be at least 21 years with a valid ID. BAM is not responsible for the actions of members under the influence of alcohol nor promotes consumption.    

League Format

Teams will have 2.5 hours to play one match. The match format is best out of three games where the team with a higher combined score than their scheduled opponent wins a game. A team consists of 4-6 players. All players that show up can bowl in each game. BAM takes the four (4) highest scores and drops the two lowest scores to determine the team's weekly score.

The first team to win two (2) games wins the match. If the match is completed with additional time, the teams may play more games for fun. All play must stop and shoes returned before the three (3) hour limit. When only three (3) bowlers are in attendance for a team, slot four (4) will be bowled by all three (3) bowlers, with all three (3) alternating frames to come up with a 4th score. Bowler 1 bowls frame 1 for the 4th player, bowler 2 bowls frame 2, bowler 3 bowls frame 3, etc.   

Online Resources

Please reference the BAM website for the schedule of weekly match-ups. Team scores, match winners, and high scorers will be posted by the end of each week.   All participants are encouraged to check online standings to ensure accuracy of their scores.


The top two (2) teams qualify for a championship match the last week based on regular season standings. All remaining teams will play consolation matches and will be scheduled simultaneously.  

Team Shirt

Participants must wear the team shirt distributed the first night in order to be identified as a league member and receive complimentary shoe rentals and specials from the venue.   

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