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Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball Rules and Regulations of Play


  • Teams consist of 6 players on the court with other team members as substitutes.
  • Teams must field at least 4 and no more than 6 players.
  • Teams must field at least 3 of its own players to begin a game.
  • Teams must have at least 2 females on the court, and no more than 4 males at all times.
  • If 1 female is fielded, the team may only have a maximum of 5 people on the court.
  • If 0 females are present, the team must forfeit unless opposing team allows it.


  • Each Match is a best of 13 games. First team to win 7 games wins the match.
  • Each round is a maximum of 4 minutes.
  • The team with the most players left at the end of the 4-minute round will win that round.
  • If teams have an equal number of players at the end of the 4-minute round, there will be a 2-minute overtime. Overtime is 3 on 3, any 2 males and 1 female may represent their team in overtime. In overtime if there is a catch the person who threw the ball is out but no player comes in. Double overtime will be 1 minute of 1 on 1 and using a ball to block is not allowed.
  • Substitutions are only allowed in between rounds.


  • The game will begin with the referee placing three balls on each back line. Teams will be able to pick up the balls once the referee blows the whistle, signaling the start of the game. The Attack Line is the centerline of the court. Players must be behind the Attack Line when throwing the ball at opposing players. Players will never be allowed to cross the center of the court for any reason including attacking or retrieving balls.


  • No throw may be made above the shoulders of a player on the opposing team. If a player hits an opposing player in the head they will be called out. (This includes hitting a playerÃ?¢??s hands if they block their face in self-defense).

  • If this action becomes persistent, the referee has the authority to eject the player from game/match.

  • If a player is kneeling, ducking, or bending down and they are hit above the shoulders, they will be called out.

  • No unnecessarily hard throws, especially a man throwing at a woman.


  • Players are only allowed to possess 1 ball at a time. If a player has 1 ball they must throw it or pass it to a teammate before taking another ball. If you are holding a ball you can not catch another ball unless you drop the ball you are holding before completing the catch.


  • Any player hit by the opposing teamÃ?¢??s ball, on the fly, will be eliminated. Eliminated players must stand out of bounds, in a designated area, in the order that they were eliminated.

  • If a thrown ball is caught by an opposing player, the player throwing the ball will be eliminated. The team that caught the ball will be allowed to bring back a player in the order they were eliminated (starting with the first person removed). Also, if a ball hits a player and deflects into the air and is caught by someone on their team the player who threw the ball is out but the catching team does not get to bring a player back into the game.

  • One ball can not eliminate two players. For example if a thrown ball hits a player on the opposing team and deflects off them and hits another player on the opposing team only the player that got hit first is out.

  • A ball is considered dead once it hits the wall, nets, or ground. Once the ball is dead it can not be caught or get a player out.

  • Throws at someone's head (whether intentional or not) are not allowed. Anyone that strikes another player in the head will be called out.

  • Players may NOT block the opposing player's throw with their ball. The ball is considered an extension of the body, and if the ball you're holding gets hit by a thrown ball, you are out.

  • Teams may give their retrieved ball to another player to be thrown.


  • The team with more balls has the priority to throw. If teams have the same amount of balls then the team with more players in the game has priority. If both number of balls and number of players are equal, priority is given to the team currently ahead in the match. If all of those are equal the team that won the last game has priority.

  • If a referee determines that a player or team is stalling, the referee will warn the player or team and begin a 5 second countdown. If the team does not pass priority before the end out the 5 count, the team will lose possession of all balls on their side.


  • Intentional grounding will be called if the referee determines that a player does not make a reasonable attempt to target an opponent. For example the ball can not be rolled over the Attack Line, thrown into a corner or clearly over the opponent. If the referee feels that a player is intentionally grounding the ball that playerÃ?¢??s team forfeits all their balls.   


  • Rules for the retriever will be established prior to the game based on the field layout.


  • Players may not manipulate the ball in any manner. For example a player can not compress the ball to get a better grip and increase movement. If a player is caught manipulating the ball they will be warned. If a player continues to manipulate the ball after multiple warnings the referee has the authority to call the player out.


  • If a team has to forfeit a game, the score of the game will be 7-0.


To determine the standings at the end of the regular season, the tie-breakers are as follows:

1. Head to Head Matchups

2. Highest Point Differential

3. Strength of Victory against common opponents

4. Strength of Schedule


If a team will be short-handed, non-roster Subs must register online before the game and sign the waiver. A team using non-roster subs cannot have more than 6 players unless needed to satisfy the gender rules. A team must have at least 3 official roster players to avoid a forfeit.  Go to http://www.bamsportsleagues.com/pages/registerasub and choose "Non-Roster Sub Registration". The Sub must present their registration confirmation to the Umpire or League Manager before the start of the game. Failure to follow the sub registration process may result in the disqualification of subs and forfeiture of the game.

*Non-Roster subs are NOT allowed during playoffs*

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