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Soccer Rules (Indoor 6v6)

BAM Sports Leagues Indoor 6v6 Soccer Rules

**ALL COED LEAGUES MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) WOMAN PRESENT AT THE START OF THE GAME.  If only one (1) woman is present, teams may elect to play shorthanded.  If no female players are present, the game will result in a forfeit.  A scrimmage should still be played. 

Red and Yellow Cards will be issued at the referee's discretion. A yellow card signifies a hard foul worthy of a warning followed by a red card for any subsequent hard foul. The yellow warning card can be bypassed for an immediate red card for severe fouls or unsportsmanlike behavior. Yellow cards result in an indirect kick and a mandatory substitution of the carded player for a minimum of two (2) minutes. Red cards result in an indirect kick and the ejection of the carded player, with additional discipline levied by league management up to and including permanent expulsion from BAM.

All fouls result in an indirect kick (There are no direct kicks). A foul inside the goalie box will result in an indirect kick from the top of the box.

Slide tackling will not be allowed. Intentional slide tackles will result in a yellow card (or red card), and an indirect kick being awarded to the opposing team at the point of the infraction.

Multiple violations, fighting, or any flagrant violation may result in dismissal from the league without refund.  

Game Format

Two 25 minutes halves with a running clock.  3 minute half time.

Games that end in a tie will be decided by the following:

Regular Season: If regular time ends in a tie, the final Score will be a Tie.

Playoffs: Shoot-Out: Each Shootout Round consists of three (3) different Kickers.  In Coed Games, at least 1 kicker must be female.  Multiple rounds of Shoot-Out may be necessary. 

Number of Players

Teams must have at least two (2) women on the field at all times not counting the goalkeeper, who can be either male or female. No more than 3 men plus the goalkeeper is allowed. If a team cannot field the minimum number of 5, a forfeit will be declared.

Player Equipment

Shin guards are REQUIRED. Cleats are optional.

BAM General Rules

Please visit www.bamsportsleagues.com/pages/generalrules

Goal Play

The keepers can use their hands within the goal box. The ball may be picked up by the keeper after an opposing player is last to touch the ball or a teammate passes the ball with their head. The keeper can place-kick or throw the ball back in play (punting/drop-kicking is NOT permitted)

The goalie may NOT throw the ball past mid-field in the air.    


Team captains will flip a coin to determine which team kicks-off. The team that wins will decide to kickoff or choose which side of the field to defend. The other team kicks-off to start the second half and teams must switch sides of the field / goals after the half.

Offsides & Out Of Bounds

There is no offside penalty. 

Side-outs result in a kick-in. 

Corner kicks are taken from the sideline adjacent to the top of the goalie box, and the first touch must be played towards mid field.

Goal kicks may NOT be kicked past mid field in the air.

When a ball hits the ceiling, the opposing team gets the ball at mid field.

Rotation & Substitutions

Player Substitutions may happen during a dead ball.


    The number of teams to make the playoffs will vary depending on number of teams in the league and length of season.

Standings Format:

1. 3 points for a win

2. 1 point for a tie

Playoff Seeding Tie-Breakers:

1. Most Standings Points

2. Head to Head Matchup

3. Highest Point Differential

4. Strength of Victory against common opponents

5. Strength of Schedule

Non-Roster Subs

If a team will be short-handed, non-roster Subs must register online before the game and sign the waiver. A team using non-roster subs cannot have more than 7 players unless needed to satisfy the gender rules. A team must have at least 4 official roster players to avoid a forfeit.  Go to http://www.bamsportsleagues.com/pages/registerasub and choose "Non-Roster Sub Registration". The Sub must present their registration confirmation to the Umpire or League Manager before the start of the game. Failure to follow the sub registration process may result in the disqualification of subs and forfeiture of the game.

*Non-Roster subs are NOT allowed during playoffs*


If the weather is questionable we will send out an email if the games are canceled.

We will do our best to update game status at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled game time.

If games are canceled we will do our best to reschedule them for later in the season.

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