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Kickball Rules


In the field you are allowed 10 players maximum, 7 players minimum. EVERYBODY Kicks.

In the field, a team must have a minimum of 4 females, and a maximum of 6 males.

Four (4) players in the kicking order must be women. If a team only has 2 or 3 women, they must play short in the field and one or two women must kick a second time to fulfill the batting order requirement. If a team has only 1 woman, they must forfeit. If a team has less than 6 players present from their official roster, they must forfeit. Non-roster subs are only allowed if you'll have less than 10 players in attendance, and you may use no more than 3 non-roster subs even if you only have 6 roster players.

*A legal game can be played if BOTH TEAMS AGREE on rule adjustments BEFORE the game.


Prior to the start of the game, the team captains will meet with the umpire to review field-specific rules (Foul lines, areas out of play, etc.) and game-specific conditions (rule adjustments, subs, etc.).


All players in attendance are permitted to kick, not just those filling field positions. Four (4) players in the kicking order must be women. The kicking order must be established before the first kick of the game and followed for the duration of the game. Late comers are to be added to the end of the kicking order. There may not be more than two consecutive males in the batting order.


Kickers start with a one (1) ball, one (1) strike count.

The ball must pass the kicking line (in front of home plate) before it is kicked, or a foul ball is called.

No Bunting: There is a bunt line in front of the pitchers mound that stretches from the first base line to the third base line. If a defensive player touches the ball before the ball passes the line, it is ruled a bunt, which is equivalent to a strike/foul ball.


A pitch must be ROLLED underhand with minimal bouncing. If the ball bounces less than 3 times before reaching the plate it is automatically a ball.

The strike zone is 1 foot to each side of home plate, and 1 foot above home plate.

*Foul balls count as a strike regardless of the pitch count.

*The player is out after strike three. You CAN foul out.

*Four balls is a walk.

Once the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitching area, runners may not advance.

If the runner is already advancing to the next base, he/she may continue or go back to the base.


Teams may field a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 7 players. If a team can't field at least 7 players, they must forfeit the game unless an adjustment is agreed upon before the start of the game.

No more than 6 males may be on the field at any time, and no fewer than 4 females may be on the field at any time. If a team does not have enough players, then they must play short. A team must always field a pitcher and a catcher.


No outfielder is allowed to come within 10 feet of the dirt infield until the ball is kicked. (Or outfielders must stay on the grass until the ball is kicked, depending on the size of the dirt infield).

Infielders must be behind the line from 1st to 3rd base until the ball is kicked.


There is NO infield fly rule. However, A player may NOT intentionally drop a catchable ball in an attempt to complete a double-play. If a player intentionally drops a ball as determined by the referee, then all players are safe at their next base including the kicker running to 1st base.


There is no leading off or stealing of bases.

Base runners must use the safety base at first base and at home plate. The normal base and plate are for the fielders. The safety base at first base is the bag that is located in foul territory. The safety base at home plate is the plate off to the right of the strike mat as you are heading toward home plate from third base. Any runner who tags home plate instead of the safety base will be called out.

Runners may be thrown out by hitting them directly with the ball.

Hitting the runner above the shoulders in the head or neck is prohibited.


Sliding is NOT allowed. Sliding will result in an automatic out.

Metal cleats are not allowed.


A commit line exists approximately halfway between third base and home plate. The boundary will be marked by a line in the sand or a colored cone or disc on the ground. As a runner approaches home plate, if he or she crosses the commit line, then he or she cannot return to third base.

If there is a fly ball and a runner crosses the commit line before a fielder plays the ball, he or she will be called out if the ball is caught because he or she cannot tag up at third base.


Injured players may receive a pinch runner once they safely reach a base. They must kick for themselves and run to first base. If a male player is injured, then the last male out will become the pinch runner. If a female player is injured, then the last female out becomes the pinch runner.


The play at home is always a force play regardless of the position of other runners. The fielding team must tag home plate before the runner tags the safety base. Runners must always use the safety base at home plate or they will be called out.

*There is a seven run limit per team per inning except in the seventh inning.

Extra Innings

If the game is tied after 7 innings, extra innings will be played, time permitting. If there is no time the game will end in a tie.

In the playoffs, if extra innings are needed, each team will start their at bat with a runner on 2nd base. The last out from the previous inning will be the runner on 2nd base.


If a team has to forfeit a game, the score of the game will be 7-0.


To determine the standings at the end of the regular season, the tie-breakers are as follows:

1. Head to Head Matchups

2. Highest Point Differential

3. Strength of Victory against common opponents

4. Strength of Schedule

Alcohol is not permitted at any field at any time at a BAM Social Sports event!


If a team will be short-handed, non-roster Subs must register online before the game and sign the waiver. A team using non-roster subs cannot have more than 10 players unless needed to satisfy the gender rules. A team must have at least 6 official roster players to avoid a forfeit.  Go to http://www.bamsportsleagues.com/pages/registerasub and choose "Non-Roster Sub Registration". The Sub must present their registration confirmation to the Umpire or League Manager before the start of the game. Failure to follow the sub registration process may result in the disqualification of subs and forfeiture of the game.

*Non-Roster subs are NOT allowed during playoffs*


We will send out an email as early as possible if games are canceled. We will do our best to notify you at least 1 hour prior to your game time.

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